Spheres by Kurrent Music (Android)

Don't Just Listen to Music…Experience It! Enjoy a Virtual Reality experience that is out of this world!

Kurrent Music Spheres transforms the experience of listening to your favorite music by immersing you into a VR universe and letting you discover artists and their music like never before. Enter a planetarium and navigate through different music spheres and explore some of the latest and most popular music videos from thousands of artists in more than 15 genres of music.

Kurrent Music Spheres is a journey into the universe of music, featuring:
• Thousands of artists with their latest music videos
• Carefully curated by industry professionals to include the best of the best in music
• Updated daily with the hottest artists and their music
• Discover other artists in your favorite genres.
• Experience your favorite music videos in a way never before possible.


Kurrent Music


Kurrent Music