Cali (Android)

A sacred coming-of-age ritual brings a young man, Massi, to a tower filled with obstacles he must overcome to save his village from destruction by the powerful Atau. However, Massi soon falls in love with the goddess, Cali, and discovers that the true cost of becoming a man may be higher than he expected. Cali is an allegorical tale, based on a personal narrative, exploring power and the loss of innocence in South American culture.


Hours of Puzzle-Platform VR Gameplay: Explore a surreal world filled with monumental structures. Manipulate and move them by solving puzzles to reach your destiny.
Captivating Isometric View: Look down upon the world of Massi and Cali as if playing with a scale model.
Evocative Music: An immersive soundscape that will take you to an age of myth.

Note: Bluetooth controller required.


Minority Media Inc.