Sour Patch Kids: Zombie Invasion (Android)

Zombie SOUR PATCH KIDS® candy are on the attack and it’s your job to protect all that is Sour and Sweet! Fight on the front lines in your very own zombie zapping defense tower! Upgrade your arsenal with the latest in zombie terminating tech and defeat wave after wave of zombie SOUR PATCH KIDS® candy as they descend upon your gummy world. Travel to new locations, rescue Professor Sweet and find a solution to this candy contagion. Help the SOUR PATCH KIDS® candy reach their escape pod before they get turned into zombie chow!

It’s up to you soldier! Do you have what it takes to defend the SOUR PATCH KIDS® candy?

> 9 Story missions with custom objectives!
> 6 special missions to challenge your skills to the limit!
> Specialized cannons to unlock and to customize your strategy!
> Battle unique enemies, each with their own skills!
> Complete all achievements to max out your cannon!
> Awesome defense battles and an epic boss fight!


Lucky Hammers


Lucky Hammers