Disc League (Android)

A fast paced, physics based, game of throwing glowing discs at each other.
Play against others online or on local network.
Single player includes League Challenge where you compete with several other teams through 4 major competitions.
For a real challenge try "hard" and "iron man" modes to play 1v2 or 1v3!

Many Bluetooth game controllers are supported. The game is also playable using the touchpad.

In Disc League each competitor possesses a powered disc. This disc can be thrown at opponents to score points. The disc can also be used to defend against enemy discs. At any time you can recall your disc and direct its movement mid-flight. Try using the right analog stick to precisely block or to add curvature to your throws. This can also be done using touchpad by pressing and holding touchpad during a throw or block.

By combining curves, wall bounces, and recall there are many different strategies to discover.

More features, content, and game modes are coming soon...


Virtually Invincible LLC



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