Deskverse (PC)

Deskverse is an advanced virtual desktop environment featuring:

Your desktop in VR
- Project your desktop either on a cylinder or one plane per monitor
- Unique multi-monitor positioning capabilities
- Oculus Touch enabled virtual keyboard and mouse emulation (hold hand trigger to move the mouse cursor)

2D & 3D Video Player
- Dedicated video screen positioned independent of your desktop
- Plane, dome, and sphere projection options
- Video repeat with mark in/out to enjoy your favorite clips over and over
- Hardware accelerated video playback
- 3D side by side and over under stereoscopic modes
- Precise positioning and rotation of your video screen

- Customizable environment including your own custom skyboxes and stereoscopic skybox support (SRGB .DDS files)
- Rotate skyboxes on any axis

Plus More:
- Create multiple configurations to suit your tasks
- Mirror your VR headset to a separate window
- Capture screenshots with a press of a button
- Laser pointer


ByteMosher Software L.L.C.