Esper: The Collection (PC)

Esper: The Collection brings together Esper and Esper 2 in one extraordinary package. As one of a small number of citizens who have been endowed with the power to move objects with their minds, you have been enrolled by the government to undertake a series of tests to show that you are in control of your powers. Use your psychic abilities to solve increasingly challenging tests and demonstrate that, despite the concerns, you are not a threat to the fragile fabric of society. In Esper 2, reprise your role from the first game and take up your new job as an agent of ESPR, an organization set up to deal with the outbreak of telekinetic powers. Travel to exotic locations; solve puzzles, discover secrets, stop villainous plots, and fall unconscious multiple times. Interact with a dynamic array of new characters, voiced by notable actors, Nick Frost, Lara Pulver, and Sean Pertwee, who join Eric Meyers, the esteemed vocal talent from the original game.







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Enero 8, 2017

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