The Forgotten Chamber (PC)

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Enero 8, 2017

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The Forgotten Chamber is a thrilling experience that comes alive through realistic binaural audio. Explore an ancient emperor’s tomb and discover it’s secrets, but beware: some secrets are better left forgotten.

Experience true chills, through the power of true binaural audio as a spirit whips past you in a blur of shadow and sound. Gaze-driven exploration allows players to step inside the ominous ruins without the need for a controller—where every turn is packed with ghastly thrills.

Dare to discover. Explore a mystical ancient chamber through intuitive gaze-driven exploration.

You’re not alone. Experience heart-pounding encounters with a ghoulish presence.

A thrill for your eyes… A world of vivid 3D art, expertly realised in fully immersive VR.

…And your ears. Experience haunting soundscapes in true binaural audio.




Archiact Interactive




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