The Elevator Ritual (PC)

The Elevator Ritual is a first-person, interactive, short horror story from developer Samson Films. When Sarah, a teenage student, plays the Elevator Ritual, she ends up in the Otherworld and must escape a vengeful spirit in order to return home. Become Sarah, experience the deadly ritual and find your way back home.

How to go to another world by using an elevator.

Needed: A building with 10 floors or more and... an elevator.

1. Enter the elevator alone.
2. While in the elevator, go to the floors in the following order: 4th floor-> 2nd floor -> 6th floor -> 2nd floor -> 10th floor and end with the 5th floor.
3. On the fifth floor, press the 1st floor button. If the elevator goes up, you made it. (Note: if you see a woman, do not talk to her.)
4. When the elevator goes past the 9th floor, it is a sign that the ritual is complete.

The Otherworld should only have one person in it - you.
No one knows what happens after you arrive there.
Be careful of the woman.


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