ENIGMA SPHERE is a first-person VR Escape game designed for both single and co-op gameplay with Voice Chat. Step into the shoes of a Superagent, humanity’s last hope, to find the mysterious Spheres and smash them to bits with your hammer! The Oculus Touch controller's intuitive features will allow you to act in the game as you would in the real world, right down to the most subtle of actions.
Embark on your mission solo in Single Player, or go online and team up with other Superagents in Co-op mode. Work together to solve puzzles, shatter the Spheres, and even give high fives to each other for a planet-saving job well done! Enigma Sphere will provide a full and fun VR gaming experience for players of all kinds.

“[ENIGMA SPHERE]... is a Portal-like puzzle game, sure to excite fans who love the series.” - INSIDE

“[ENIGMA SPHERE]... has a visceral pleasure, and a smooth gameplay feel that is made in Japan.” - GAME Watch