Perch (PC)

"The World Is Flat!" Proclaims Sir Douglas.

To defeat you, the heretic, who believe the world is round,
he has amassed a diverse army to siege your castle.

Our game is compatible with both HTC Vive and Oculus Rift!

  • Skillfully doge arrows while pushing ladderman away.
  • Strategically choose your upgrades to maximize combos to launch the most effective attack.
  • Good luck and watch out for the Battering Ram!

  • Battle through 20 levels
  • Character Upgrades: Frost Arrow, Summon Healers, Boiling Oil, Critical Hits and much more
  • Castle Upgrades: Fortification and Mason
  • Strategically battle against multiple types of enemies

Game Credit

  • Jorge Quan Li
  • Douglas Liang
  • Darwim Ren
  • Tony Li
  • Paul Carroll

Music Credit

Alexandr Zhelanov (Find him by this name on Soundcloud!)
Moscow, Russian Federation


Douglas Liang