Blortasia (PC)

Blortasia is an abstract art world in the sky.
Fly freely through a surreal maze of evolving sculptures. Take a break from reality and explore an animated psychedelic sculpture park. Wander through the labyrinth, soar across the open space, or just hang out and let the mesmerizing ever-changing sculptures provide a rejuvenating refuge for your mind. Blortasia combines art and flying in virtual reality.

Blortasia is a virtual reality art experience designed to engage the imagination and inspire wonder through shape, color, motion, sound, and spatial presence. Instead of recreating art from the real world, Blortasia explores virtual reality as an aesthetic medium in and of itself. Rather than telling a narrative story like a movie, or presenting objectives, puzzles, and challenges like a game, Blortasia transports you into an art installation unconstrained by the limits of ordinary reality.

• Innovative Physics based VR navigation makes flying in Blortasia easy and comfortable even for most motion sensitive people.

• Blortasia's flowing designs provide a constantly evolving environment that's always unique.

• Hypnotic soundtrack fuses ancient and modern sound healing techniques.

• The abstract nature of Blortasia inspires the imagination through pareidolia.

• Psychedelic boogie board platform provides spatial reference and stability for surfing through Blortasia.

Flying is simple and intuitive.
Point the controller where you want to go and squeeze the trigger to accelerate.
Use one controller or combine them for increased speed and maneuverability.
​Low, medium, and high speed modes and analog triggers provide smooth and precise control. Explore the space at your own pace.

Blortasia is created by artist and Academy Award winning visual effects pioneer, Kevin Mack.
Mack's work is inspired by transcendent visions, technology, nature, neuroscience, physics, and artificial life.


Casual indie


Shape Space VR