VR Home (PC)

VR Home is a sandbox game made for the HTC Vive based around building and designing your own virtual house or room. You can build, save and interact with your creations and homes.


  • PLAY your favorite games on a large or small screen!
  • INTERACT with the objects and the world around you!
  • WATCH or STREAM your favorite youtube videos and movie files!
  • LISTEN to your favorite music files or radio streams!
  • BUILD anything from your real room, a gaming room, a production room, a disco room or even your nan's kitchen!
  • CUSTOMISE everything about your house including the walls, the wallpaper, the floor or even the posters!
  • REPLICATE real rooms using the wide variety of furniture!
  • HUNDREDS of objects and furniture to choose from!
  • TONS of unique functions, from playing gameboy games, watching 360 videos, shooting guns or even shrinking yourself!

If there is any questions or suggestions please contact me at vrhomegame@gmail.com. 90% of the money earned goes back into developing the game further.






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