Wild Game Hunter VR (PC)

Welcome to Wild Game Hunter VR, the first VR hunting game for the HTC Vive! It’s all the fun of hunting with none of the long walks, hard days, and boring company.

Grab your rifle, get outdoors, and bag some wild game! In this immersive virtual reality hunting experience, you'll get only a few chances for the perfect shot. You'll be fully immersed in a variety of 360 degree woodlands. Critters and nature surround you while you play through multiple levels hunting for wild game! Make sure to check all your sides, animals lurk in all corners of the forest and you have to be quick to get them all.

You can bag yourself a small deer.
Or a big ol' buck!
But be careful of the boar...
And watch out for the bears!

Pick your poison. Hunt for your prize. But be smart - these animals come from all angles. You have to be a quick-witted sharpshooter to bag every single one.

Shoot straight. Be great. Welcome to the world of Wild Game Hunter VR.


fletcher.richman owockitalki



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Diciembre 23, 2016

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