Pixel bomb! bomb!! (PC)

Long time ago, there was a beautiful Queen in Leroy Forest. The Queen was very narcissistic. She dressed up splendid every day and thought she was the fairest woman in the Forest. Every beautiful girl in the kingdom would lose good looks by the Queen's curse. One of the Queen's servants told the Queen, ' Princess Amara is most beautiful of all. She lived in a small kingdom at the edge of Leroy Forest.' The Queen decided to send large elf troops taking amount of delicious food to make Amara fat. You are a warrior selected by empire. Now start saving Princess, and defeating the elves.

1. A cute retro-pixel casual game;
2. Attacking the monsters come from everywhere, you can use double triggers and move in a small scale;
3. Varieties of elves with cakes and the unique dragon boss makes the game more challenging and interesting.
4. Interesting interaction with the princess: the princess will cheer for you and even help you fighting with the enemies.
5. Two modes to choose:
(1)Classic Mode: Strive against the elves and cakes. If the princess gets so fat, the princess will fall to death.
(2)Arcade Mode: To achieve more and more goals, kill the monsters as many as you can. Be careful of the boom-monster with black smoke which will lower your score.


Acción indie