Lord Darydikilkil (PC)

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Noviembre 3, 2016

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Lord Darydikilkil is a VR game and experience taking place in a detailed world inspired by MediEvil or Beetlejuice. Mixing different types of gameplay and settings, unravel your character's dark secrets and fulfill your vengeance!
- Fully narrated story mode, with english or french voices
- Access all chapters and minigames/roller individually in the unlocked section
- Slick and intuitive third person gameplay
- Discover a dark and humorous world inspired MediEvil and early Tim Burton's movies
- Take part on the thrilling pumpkin race!
- Visit the cemetery and discover its secrets
- Sit back and relax, take long flights over strange and beautiful places
- Take a glimpse of what heaven really looks like!
- Don't die... again!
Take revenge on your murderer and recover your most precious possession to finally rest in peace. But remember, everything can be deadly in this insane world!






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