RuinsCity_VR (PC)


is a half sandbox game, The city was invaded by viruses,unfortunately a lot of people are infected with the virus.they lost their original thinking and are changed to walking death .they are only for food!! YOU are the only one in this city that survives,you need to find other survivor and out of this city with them .of course the monsters in city will attack you ,They evolved to be able to shoot with guns. be careful !! you must try your best to be alive .

1.threre are many amazing props for you.

2.monsters will pick up weapons to attack you.

3.this is a free city , monsters and others and you can free attack.

updates in future: can change your model and skin , all the model you can get through kill monsters .

2.there are different language you can choose in game. game always pay attention to your life ,you can go to supply station to get food.

Sincerely thank you for your support! We will work harder----Beijing Touch the heart interactive technology co., LTD



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Octubre 21, 2016

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