Vox-L (PC)

Vox-L is not a game. It's a customizable virtual reality playground.

By default, Vox-L is just an infinite white terrain. There's nothing there. You can't do anything fun. Sounds boring, I know...

But here are some reasons we think you'll enjoy it.

Reason 1:

It has free multiplayer. You can invite your friends. (If you have troubles starting a multiplayer game, we have a forum topic where we are discussing the multiplayer feature. See the Basic Info section for a link to our forum.)

Reason 2:

It is customizable. With free in-game apps, you can transform your playground into whatever you want. Apps let you change the terrain, spawn toys, load dynamic content, launch mini-games, etc.

Reason 3:

We've already added several apps for you to customize your experience.

Builder app: Gives you tools to deform the voxel terrain by placing/removing blocks (like in Minecraft). Lets you spawn physical objects in the world.
Multiplayer app: Host a server and invite your friends. Or find and join a server. (NOTE: This feature is still in development. If it doesn't work for you, please post on our support forum.)
Worlds app: Choose from various pre-built worlds. We currently have 3 voxel worlds. We'll be adding over 100 more in early 2017.
Flashlight app: Turn your tablet into a flashlight. Control the color and brightness. It's surprisingly fun.
Sky app: Change the time of day, add fog, add clouds.

Reason 4:

We are adding new apps constantly. In fact, if you want to, you can make your own. (NOTE: If you want to develop apps for Vox-L, contact us to be part of our developer Beta. Anyone who knows JavaScript, HTML, and CSS can do it.)


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