Pen Island VR (PC)

Pen Island is a fast-paced survival game for HTC Vive. You've washed up on a very strange island. The hunters, however, want you off. Defend yourself with whatever made it to shore. Can you survive longer than the poor souls who came before you? Wait - is that a ...? (Yep, we know what they are!).Caution: Pen Island is a play on words and the the projectiles are peni*, we know! Defend yourself against the projectiles and aim them back at the hunters - show them how it feels! Watch your friends, family and unsuspecting people realize the world they have entered. You will be surprise how well someone defends once they know what's coming!Warning: Insane dodging and deflecting skills required.
Trust us, you will need them.Key Features:A Room-Scale VR Experience designed for the HTC Vive.
Frypan, shield, oarsome stuff and - does that sign say what I think it's saying?
Leaderboard! Which of your friends can last the longest?
Ridiculous head-to-head action (Not PvP!)
Insane dodging and deflecting.
A unique, handcrafted environment never seen before.
And more crazy and interesting things we might want to surprise you with!
Think you got what it takes to survive Pen Island?


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Octubre 14, 2016

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