Killing Zombies (PC)

Killing Zombies is stunning in its depiction of a teetering land on the verge of collapse. Surrounded by darkness, and a slowly shuffling undead creatures coming in from all angles. Killing Zombies is a 4 player online co-op horror survival shooter for the HTC Vive, with wave-driven VR gameplay from Front Range Software. In a battle of survival, you must struggle to destroy all kinds of horrified zombies, discover the source and course of their creation and stop them from unleashing havoc and destruction to the land and end the threat. As the resistant soldier, you have been assigned to do one thing – kill them all.

While given the role to shoot and destroy, there are 30 varieties of weapons to choose from in your arsenal. As a resistant shooter, you'll gain points as you survive the terrifying waves of zombies coming from all direction, but the choices given to you is totally open. Not doing enough damage in the shootout? You can change your weapon to remedy that. As you use your tactics to advance in an ever difficult stage, you'll discover how to make adjustments and tricks in order to work your way in the most beneficial way.

What else should you be playing?KEY FEATURES:Unrelenting Graveyard
There is no taking cover or stopping as you destroy Hell’s raging zombie waves and advanced to a more difficult stage to shoot, slash, and destroy apart zombies in more vengeful and violent ways.
Online Co-Op
Survive the zombie masses with your friends online for even harder challenges.
Fast-Paced Combat
More and more zombies pile up as the game goes on.
Room Scale Vive
The games precision environment scale is an extremely accurate scale that combines versatile functionality with a horrific appeal.
30 Weapons
Pistols, Shotguns, Sniper Rifles, Sub-machine Guns, & Assault Rifles


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FRS Game Studio