ShotForge (PC)

A VR Sandbox gun-building sim. Take modular weapon parts, snap them together and construct just about any kind of gun you can imagine!

Think of 'Pimp My Gun', but in VR.

Quick control summary:
TRIGGERS grab objects with an outline, selects menu items when you're pointing at them, and fire guns when held.

GRIPS drop held objects, and open up the properties menu when used beside a gun part.

MENU turns your assembly of pieces into a usable weapon, if you're holding one.

TOUCHPAD PRESS will act as the 'function' button when holding a weapon (e.g. turn laser sights on/off), and as the reload button when held near an appropriate component.

SCROLL UP/DOWN TOUCHPAD whilst pointing at the spawn menu to scroll the list (or press up/down).

TAP TOUCHPAD LEFT/RIGHT to scroll through component properties within the properties menu (Rate of fire, magazine size, etc.)

TAP TOUCHPAD UP/DOWN to modify properties one at a time (+/- 1 to Rate of Fire, etc.)

SWIPE TOUCHPAD DOWN whilst holding a gun to eject any attached magazines, or empty a revolver cylinder.


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