Lockdown: Stand Alone (PC)

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Diciembre 16, 2016

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Step inside one of the most atmospheric and challenging VR games to date.

The world as you knew it has come to an end.
A new era began in the early 2030s when mankind discovered a renewable energy source with unlimited possibilities.
No one knew that this was the discovery that would lead mankind to its end.

- Feedom of movement -

No wave shooting , no small claustrophobic levels restraining you to a small play area.

- Disability support -

Raycast item grabbing, height adjustment and assisted rotation features allow for the total Lockdown: Stand Alone experience
while sitting in a wheelchair.

- Locomotion -

Movement is done via a combination of touchpad movement and teleporting.

- Support for room area, standing and sitting experiences -

Have a small room? No problem! Lockdown: Stand Alone can be played standing in place or sitting.
No room area is required at all.

- Enjoy the Lockdown: Stand Alone Early Access as it progresses -

All updates are free from the current Early Access version to all the future releases.








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