LooWarVR (PC)

《LooWarVR》 is a casual shooting game,
Background, a boy went to his grandpa’s house in summer vocation, in the toilet he got many unexpected visitors- flies. So the battle began.
we exaggeratory restored the battle filed just as we are in the toilet shooting the flies when we were young, to help players to remember their childhood .
The game was formed by Q version settings, Realistic scenes

How to play
In the game , players hold 2 funny water guns to shoot all bugs in the toilet, players need to shoot as many bugs as possible in the limited time, as the settings prove, after the bug was shoot , dead bodies will separate into parts and drop, when the parts drop into the pedestal pan, it flushes, and the player get extra score.

In the game players can find a lot Random skill item, players can shoot them to activate an extra skill, meteor shower is a multi damage skill, when it was activated, a lot of water drops will fall and make damage to all bugs. An attack enhancement tool can double the damage rate of the water guns, and last for several seconds, when it was activated , the water gun turns red. Sometimes , when a bug was killed, some water bottles will drop, player can shoot the water bottle , then the game time will be several seconds longer.

Game features,

Q version settings, Realistic scenes
Rich variety of monsters
Interesting scene interactive elements, help you to get rid of the monotonous shooting
Gift box, water bottle, skill items makes a better experience
Intense shooting experience’s gonna rock your brains out


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