Exploding Kittens VR (Quest)

Play with up to five players online or against bots and strategically force your opponents to draw the dreaded Exploding Kitten and be the last person standing to win. Customize your own in-game avatars, explore the social hub and dive into a variety of entertaining mini-games.

Interact With Your Favorite Card Game Like Never Before: A VR strategy game experience to socialize with friends and make new enemies.

A Variety of Tools At Your Disposal: Utilize a slew of strategies to outsmart your opponents and come out on top.

Three Unique Game Modes: Battle it out in either classic or blitz mode with up to five players, or against your biggest rival in duel mode.

Engage With the Immersive Social Hub: Discover various activities in the social hub including mini games, character customization and more!


Saber Interactive Inc