BlackForge: A Smithing Adventure (PC)

BlackForge: A Smithing Adventure is the ultimate VR weaponsmithing simulator! Become a legendary blacksmith, crafting mighty blades and impeccable tools as you hone your trade in a mystical forge.

Hone your craft and fulfill the requests of townspeople in a full campaign. Study the mythical techniques of the elders, forge metal, shape wood, and channel the power of the Aesir into your ancient hammer to create epic weapons worthy of the bravest heroes.DEEP, APPROACHABLE WEAPONSMITHINGVR allows BlackForge to go deeper than any other weaponsmithing game before it. Shape and smooth wood on the workbench, or heat metal in the forge and then summon thunder into your hammer to beat it into shape. Be as creative as you like by putting personal touches on each weapon. Accessible tutorials make the game easy to pick up and get started with.

HONE YOUR CRAFT IN A FULL CAMPAIGNBlackForge has a full campaign in which you’ll take on requests from townspeople across the world. You’ll complete increasingly intricate tasks from the surrounding towns. Once you’ve mastered all the new tricks and techniques taught to you in one area, you’ll move on to the next with a new set of missions and skills to learn.

CHARMING FANTASY ADVENTURETravel to the lands you’ve always dreamed of and immerse yourself in the quaint, quiet life of the blacksmith. Relax in your rustic abode, meet new characters, and don’t forget to pet your adorable spirit, nestled in the center of the forge.


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Junio 13, 2024

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