Cleric and Goblins (Quest) (APP LAB)

Cleric and Goblins
Cleric and Goblins
Cleric and Goblins
Cleric and Goblins Cleric and Goblins Cleric and Goblins
"Cleric and Goblins" is a VR action game. Dive into a procedurally generated dungeon and rescue the cleric. The structure of the dungeon changes each time. The only enemies are goblins, but their equipment and personalities vary. If you kill a goblin, you will get the equipped weapon. A variety of weapons with different strengths and characteristics, such as knives, swords, maces, and spears! Dive into the dungeon, kill the goblins, rescue the cleric, and make your way to the exit!

One day, you suddenly wake up in a strange forest. When I was stunned, a cleric girl happened to pass by. She will guide you to a nearby town, give you what little money she has and her knife for self-defense and leave. A few days later, you learn that she has been kidnapped by goblins. You take her knife and potion and dive into the dungeon to rescue her.

The game employs a combat system that emphasizes realistic physics. The player's hands and weapons interact with the enemy's body. You can shove the enemy's body with heavy weapons and stab them with sharp weapons. Weapon weight and coefficient of friction are important factors. You can also grab and throw enemies or attack them. You can also roll your weapon to the enemy's feet to make them fall. There are multiple ways to defeat an enemy. Let's explore different possibilities, like a real fight.