THS: Time Has Stopped (Quest) (APP LAB)

Time Has Stopped is a single-player vehicular shooter with an automatic time dilation.
It's an old-school shooter, purpose-built for VR.

Move as fast as you like or as slow as you like.
There are difficulty levels, of course, but your main enemies will be your own haste and hubris.
Just stop and assess when you're in a bind. The game will wait.

While you're a tank, you're not a tank and die from a single penetrating hit.
Deflect enemy shells by positioning your armor, evade them or destroy them mid-flight.

Good news, most enemies die from a single hit too.
Bad news, they also have armor, so aim carefully over long distances at them... or just spam shells.
Bosses will require a separate approach. Yes, what is a shooter without a boss? Or two? Well, THS has more.

THS doesn't limit you in power, the main gun has infinite shells and is more than enough to beat the whole game.
But, of course, there are 5 interesting sidegrades to switch to when the opportunity arises. And the sixth, forbidden one.

Find hidden secrets, hidden levels and even a whole secret biome. The AppLab release features 3 biomes and 15 levels, and 5 more biomes with 33 more levels are being polished as we speak.

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THS Team