Deceptive Reality Demo (Quest) (APP LAB)


Step into the shoes of Declan, a hardworking American. Coming from a modest background, life wasn't fair but you wanted to make a difference — to have an impact on inequality. Your career had finally started to pay off and suddenly you were in the position to make a difference — "Was the American Dream still alive after all" you pondered. Little did you know everything was built on lies.

The question is are you ready to face the music to uncover the truth? FIGHT, HACK and EXPLORE your way to uncover the truth behind the facades of the city of North Haven.

This demo includes part of the Alleyway Experience.

Early Access NOW AVAILABLE: Fight up to 5 foes on top Cortex HQ NOW in Arcade Mode + get FREE UPGRADES along the way to the Full Game Release.


Quarantine Studios VR