Kodon (PC)

Kodon is a 3D sculpting program for roomscale VR. It allows you to freely shape objects in 1:1 roomscale, using both volumetric and surface-related sculpting techniques. We make Kodon first and foremost for ourselves, because it is a tool we need. We try to deliver a user experience that should make both casuals, people who are completely new to 3D art, semi-pro / pro users able to expand their range of abilities in Kodon.


1) Kodon is Early Access - meaning it is a prealpha build. We try to minimize bugs in versions we offer, but there will be bugs and unfinished features in build.

2) Kodon requires quite a bit from your PC. Standard "VR Ready" specs are not necessarily enough. Please refer to the minimum system requirements.


Tenk Labs


Tenk Labs