BlazeRush: Star Track (Quest)

BlazeRush: Star Track is a dynamic arcade survival racing game in a new space-themed setting. In this game, everyone can assemble a team of friends in local or online multiplayer. Choose a car to your taste and chase, blow up and cut your opponents off — welcome to the world of racing and frantic fun!

The special BlazeRush update for Oculus Quest 2 features:
- A campaign that includes 30 missions
- New type of vehicles — spaceships
- New types of weapons: laser, mines and chain lightning
- Special space-themed race track for multiplayer
- New powerful enemy — a massive spaceship. Use new weapons and come up with your own strategy to win!

Key features of the BlazeRush game:

- Up to 4 players locally and up to 8 players online
- The option for local players to arrange races online
- The ability to join the game at any time
- Dozens of vibrant race tracks on three planets, 20 cars and a variety of cool guns
- Many medals for various tricks and frills


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Mayo 12, 2022

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