AREA MAN LIVES. Or does he? If you could join a radio drama already in progress, talk to the characters and interact with the environments the story painted in your mind, you might find yourself in the world of the area man.

A quirky radio drama unfolds around you in VR while you do your best to keep the radio station humming along as its new DJ. You record commercials, interview callers and try your best to piece together how your actions inside the station impact your listening audience in scenarios so wild they can only live in your imagination.

If it all feels like too much, don’t worry, you’ll have your lonely producer, the resident skeptic, to guide you on your way, not to mention the vaguely British female voice inside your head.

When an unusual area man calls into the station asking for your help, you have to act fast. Will you trust the area man, or do your best to thwart his plans? Is there anything you can do to save the area man from himself?


Numinous Games



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