Baby Tag (Quest) (APP LAB)

Be a baby!
Baby Tag is a tag game where you can act like a baby! All the other babies will come after you and try to tag you. You need to run away for as long as possible! Sliding across the floor! Crawling up to the ceiling, or hiding under the desk! Throw objects to the other babies! Use any method you can imagine!

- Climb on the walls, the ceiling, or any place you want!
- Escape from several different baby types!
- Throw a prop to babies and watch what happens!
- Compete with other players on the Survival Time Leader Board!
- Use props to slow down other babies!
- Coming Soon: Multiplayer Mode and New maps.

This is still a demo version. Welcome to contact us in the following ways:
Discord -
Email -


Roar Wild Studio


Roar Wild Studio