Star-Stuff: a way for the universe to know itself (Quest) (APP LAB)

Star-Stuff is an immersive experience created to remind immersants of their fundamental connection to humanity and the Universe. This VR artwork brings two random immersants together remotely to give a new perspective on themselves, humanity, and the Universe.

Floating in space, your hands are transformed into a myriad of constellations while stars emanate from your heart, orbiting your body in a mesmerizing cosmic dance. Moving and playing with the stars, you form a galaxy unique to you and your movement. Time seems to stand still as eons flash by in this meditative experience.

Another person joins the experience, flickering into view in the form of another constellation. The gravitational effects of your bodies guide the stars, forming a collaborative and dynamic sculpture in space as you play and dance together. In Star-Stuff, looking to the stars allows us to see deeper inward, to be a way for the Universe to know itself.


John Desnoyers-Stewart