Vajont (Quest) (APP LAB)

"Vajont" is the name of a dam in Northern Italy, built in a valley of the same name. In 1963, during a test, the water that filled the dam basin caused a massive landslide. A giant wave was created and it destroyed the nearby villages: the "Vajont Disaster" remains one of the greatest Italian tragedies since the end of World War II.
This piece is an interactive first-person experience that was inspired by real events. Some hours before the flood, a wife and her husband - inhabitants of the area - are talking about their future: the wife senses the risk and wants to leave, while the husband refuses any idea of danger.
Can we accept the idea of ​​having to protect ourselves from something that is part of us - the place we were born in?
You, in the shoes of the woman, have the opportunity to move into the space, interact with objects, and make choices that influence the course of the narration.
Are they going to leave (thus saving their life), or are they going to stay? That is up to you.







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