Gwack-a-mole (Quest) (APP LAB)

Welcome to Wacky Farms, home of the world largest pit-less avocados!

On the farm your job is to smash the avocados as quickly as they appear. You keep smashing and they keep coming. And at all cost avoid smashing the rotten avocados.

Game Features:
Timer Mode: Just like the classic arcade game Whac-a-Mole, get as many as possible within the time limit.
Survival Mode: Continuous play, but miss enough avocados in a row and you will be eliminated!
Three playable game boards, each with its own level of difficulty/skill.
Up to 8 players can compete using one headset.
Left handed smashers compatible.
Dual wield feature, for extra smashability!


eStudio NooN


eStudio NooN