Z-Race (Quest) (APP LAB)

Z-Race is a fresh take on the concept of VR racing, complete with high-quality graphics, unique track design, and our very own “Formula Z” racing ships. With 15 tracks of varying difficulty and creative lore, prepare to be immersed in a high-tech futuristic universe. Compete by flying 13 Formula Z ships across three different speed classes, each equipped with your own companion coach, voiced by your favorite members of the VR community. Intuitive controls and motion design create a game that provides the racer with little-to-no motion sickness, allowing absolutely anyone to play. The multiplayer experience in Z-Race is designed to assure you’ll always have competitive opponents to play against, and not be stuck with ones that are too slow—or too fast—for your skill level. No matter how good you get at flying Formula Z, you’ll never be alone. The faster you are, the more competitive your rivals will become.







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Z-Race (PC)