Shotwood (Quest) (APP LAB)

Shotwood is a single player shooting game, with realistic guns and full reload mechanics. Duck and dodge between cover in full roomscale VR!

Welcome to the facility. Here you'll complete combat assessments - killhouse scenarios - clearing floors of deadly wooden targets.

Beat challenges to earn credits. Spend them on different firearms, attachments, and ammo. You'll need to buy LOTS of bullets!

Use the gun range to toy with each weapon simulation, or dive into a shoothouse floor and blast away. Tactical shooter or action hero, it's up to you.

Nasty case of shell-shock coming on? Take a break and enjoy the minigames! Balloon Stabber and Brick Shield. Or gamble away your earnings playing cards, with the Simple Jack arcade game.

Ace every challenge in an intense action-packed weekend, or duck in for 10 minutes to smash an assessment, and bail back out with time left for lunch.

Shotwood VR is the casual, offline, FPS game that you can play your own way.


Concrete Box


Concrete Box



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