Downside Up (Quest) (APP LAB)

Welcome to the Downside Up room, where people walk upside-down, right-side-up and on their side. One person's wall is another person's floor, and yet another person's ceiling.

Build walkways and stairs so people can walk from one door in their dimension to another. But build fast! The people walk at the same time you're building! If they run out of walkway, they collapse.

You frantically scan the room. Behind you, a person walks towards the precipice. With seconds to spare, your mind races. What type of walkway do you build? How do you rotate it for a person who walks on his side? Can you avoid the other paths crisscrossing each other in all three dimensions?

The walkway just barely snaps into place before the person crosses the threshold. But there's no time to celebrate. People above and below you speed towards their demise. Can you save all of them?

Play the game using either Oculus Touch controllers or hand tracking. Hand tracking is in early access, so your results may vary.


Downside Up VR


David Mines