SimplePlanes VR (Quest) (APP LAB)

SimplePlanes VR is a flight sim with an ever-expanding collection of aircraft to download and fly for free. Airplanes, helicopters, cars, boats, and more are available and new crafts are added every day.

● Crafts with fully immersive cockpits have virtual controls that you can reach out and grab with virtual hands.
● Download and fly crafts from for free. Even if it does not have a fully immersive cockpit, you can still fly from the chase, orbit, and fly-by camera modes.
● Engage enemy aircraft with air-to-air missiles, such as the Guardian which is a highly maneuverable short-range missile, or fire and forget with the long-range Interceptor missile.
● Assault ground threats with an extensive arsenal of air-to-ground weapons and sink ships with torpedos.
● Multiple islands and airports to explore.
● Several racing courses and other challenges.

Note: Just to be clear, you can't build aircraft in SPVR, but you can download and fly crafts from


Jundroo, LLC


Jundroo, LLC



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