eteeConnect (PC)

What is eteeConnect?
eteeConnect is the accompanying software to your eteeControllers. With eteeConnect you will be able to test your finger tracking, keep your controllers and dongles updated to the latest version and more importantly personalize the controllers to your hand and your own preferences.Who needs eteeConnect?
Anyone who owns eteeControllers, who wants to play SteamVR or non-VR Steam games and more

Note: It will install relevant drivers needed for your etee hardware.
Drivers for controller hardware (general PC compatibility)
Drivers for tracker and controller (SteamVR specific compatibility)What does eteeConnect offerA more immersive and personalized experience for users
Custom bindings
Personalized settings
Firmware updatesWhat can eteeConnect allow you to do?Visualise controller data (battery information/finger data/IMU and gyro data): Live data display finger tracking signals (controller testing)
Customize your game play: configuring different bindings and presets
Customize your controllers: Personalizing and adapting the controllers to your hand
Play non SteamVR games: Via Xbox controller simulation/emulation
Access controller data through multiple application simultaneously
Updating firmware on the controllers and accompanying dongle
Others: troubleshoot the controllers & create support tickets for troubleshootingWhat are eteeControllers?eteeControllers are the first of its kind button-free, finger tracking controller for more immersive and intuitive VR, gaming and DIY projects.
Who are eteeControllers for?VR users looking to enhance their experience and immersion
Gamers who desire more customizable controls
Programmers, engineers and creators who are in need of custom and programmable controllersFeatured are C++/Unity/Python SDKs for development projects with the controllers.




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