Grid Leaper (PC)

VR Platforming taken to the next level. Jump. Climb. Grab. Swing. Fly. Dodge. Do whatever it takes to reach the goal. Taking place across 90 levels, Grid Leaper brings you on a journey through 20 unique environments designed to harden you into a master.

Designed from the start as a VR-only game with an obsessive focus on gameplay, Grid Leaper will challenge and surprise you like few games have before.

You will fall. You will get up. Each time you will be better than before. When you think your skills are good enough, take top-spot on our leaderboards and prove yourself as one of the world's best VR gamers.

Sometimes subtle in its approach, Grid Leaper challenges you to find your own path. There are always more than one way to the goal. Rely on your skill. Rely on your smarts. And most importantly, rely on your experience.

Smashed the goals and are still looking for a challenge? Create your own levels with our fully-featured level editor.


Neon Pink Software LLC



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