Down and Out (PC)

Down and Out will transport you to the seedy underbelly of the big city. Play as a ruthless street fighter with no place to call home, as you build both your wealth and reputation by punching your way through the opposition! Although you may start with nothing, face up to the challenges that the city throws at you and end up as the richest- not to mention the most badass person in the city.

Discover the open city of Down and Out, brought to life by the game’s unique blend of freestyle combat and exploration. Choose how to play as you roam freely, or do quests and reap their rewards in money and reputation! Down and Out will show you a side of the urban city life you’ve never seen.

Game Features:
• Freestyle fighting meets open-world playstyle in VR.
• Unique gameplay with bold visuals.
• A brand-new combat system, tailored for VR.
• Relentless enemies, glorious rewards - AI system adapts to your fighting style.
• Explore Free Roam activities like basketball, cycling, graffiti, etc.







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