Zombie Baseball 3D (Quest) (APP LAB)

Welcome back Baseball Hero!!! This Halloween we have a mission for you: To save our country.

We have your favourite weapons ready to strike the enemy. So get your things together and hit the road.

No matter the monsters you face off in your way... YOU NEVER SURRENDER!!!

Show the world who is a real hero.


-You will be traveling between 20 cities of East Coast to erase the zombie infestation
-As you progress you will unlock more powerful bats.
-You can upgrade the bat's power and delay penalty with the accumulated score.
-The zombies will have a life bar over their head to show how much life they have.


-In this mode you have to do the longest consecutive combo possible.
-The enemies will die in 1 hit.
-Every 5 consecutive hits the game will level up and the balls will be thrown faster.
-The game will finish once you fail one time. That will be your top combo score.


You can either organize a LAN party or a remote multiplayer party.


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