Dance workout VR(Junior) (Quest) (APP LAB)

1. Dance Workout VR is a dance VR on Oculus Quest. We can learn clearly step by step with pop songs. We enjoy life, we love music,so we love dance.
In this way you can find that learning dance is not difficult any more, dancer is stand around you.
2. Song list:

3. We use microphone to react with rhythm, So If you refuse to open microphone permissions when first open app,there won't be reaction with rhythm. Never mind App still can work,.
4. Make sure to review your surroundings and clear any obstacles in your play area before starting this game!
5. You 'd better have sweat proof sleeve on your Quest headset, you will sweat a lot happily when playing this.
6. Will update new songs every month, If there are songs you wonder which are not in the list, Please don't hesitate to contact us immediately via E-Mail: