Gunner Punks (PC)

GUNNER PUNKS is a furiously paced action rogue-lite driven by a fresh shooting mechanic, hyper neo-retro style, and unique narrative experience. Join the story of a fictional group of gamers obsessed with the game GUNNER-X17 - an arcade space shooter that puts you in control of a powerful mounted weapon on an interstellar gunship. Grab ahold of the weapon and use quick reflexes and decision making to take out enemy machines.

FIGHT: Blast through waves of enemies and increasingly difficult levels
CHOOSE: Upgrade your weapon and create powerful combinations
DIE + RETRY: Death is permanent but each playthrough is unique
DISCOVER: The story of the Gunner Punks is full of twists and drama
WIN: Beat the campaign and reach the top of the leaderboard


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Polynaut Virtual



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Diciembre 10, 2021

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