Blobkin Blaster VR (PC)

Captain, the Blobkins need your help! Monstrous, mutated fish are swarming from all over and eating your friends. Take command of your Blobkin; the mightiest, tiniest, defenders of the reef. Fight for survival, clean up the ocean and destroy the defiled monsters of the deep.

Your Blobkin friends are ready to jump into the mayhem and be blasted at their enemies head-on. Squishy fists deal terrifying blows!

Just one thing, Blobkin are your ammo, being launched from your blaster at your foes. But they are also your builders, and your health, so protect them at all costs. Because without them, those monsters might want to eat you next!

BlobkinBlaster will launch with four unique variants of Blobkin that you can collect: Blasty Blue, Explosive Red, Purple the lightning bolt, and Yellow, a ping-ponging homing missile.


Brave Lunch


Brave Lunch



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