Puputan Legend VR (PC)

Puputan Legend VR Patih Kebo Iwa - is a custom multiplayer online battle arena game. Inspired by the history of the archipelago, this game has a puputan war theme with the icon Patih Kebo Iwa, the hero from Bali. This game will be played by two teams of 5 players each. The two teams will fight each other to the death and only 1 team / player will win the puputan war

this game has several excellent features, namely:

(1) Puputan Team Match; teammate play mode (has a play time limit)

(2) Puputan Royale; teamless play mode to defeat all enemies (other players) and be the winner (has a play time limit)

(3) Co-Op; play mode with friends to fight and defeat the monsters of the archipelago (has a play time limit)

(4) Cross Play PC VR and Quest

Support Device
HTC Vive + Controller
Oculus Rift/S + Controller


Digital Lontar Nusantara



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Fecha de salida

Diciembre 8, 2021

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