Pets VR (Quest) (APP LAB)

Some adorable pets are waiting for you to play - come and see what they’re up to in Pets VR! Everyday a pet will join you in all activities such as minigames and when the fun is over you’ll learn about it’s needs and behaviours that you’ll respond to. Is not all in vain - apart from observing the pet’s reactions, you’ll receive points for being a responsible pet parent. Ready for some challenges? Time for some training! Learn special gestures and instruct your pet to perform different tricks - if you’re consistent it gets easier in time but be aware the pet can also forget some lessons! Reward yourself and your pupil and make it fancy! Exchange points to create your own collection of fun accessories for you and your pet to enjoy. Discover everything Pets VR can offer and most importantly, have fun!


Actum Games


Actum Games