Wadality (PC)

This is a multiplayer VR Shooter platform with unique vertical gameplay! Take your friends and fight for the title of being called the toughest on the block. That "flappy" locomotion system gives a fresh flying experience during the game.
CharacterThe chewed gum was abandoned by a child on the beach, who had thrown it into the ocean. The radioactive particles penetrated its body, giving it life. It used its powers to find more chewed gum pieces and seal them together to form a whole piece of gum. The chewed gum eventually found bigger pieces of chewed gum and repaired them.

Years later, the chewed gum is now a living weapon with incredible abilities! The chewed gum finds its way out of the ocean and into the atmosphere. The chewing gum gets on a satellite that is circling Earth. It's up to you, the chewed gum, to use your powers to stop the satellite from crashing into Earth!

The chewed gum uses its incredible abilities, such as being able to stick to walls and ceilings, to reach the satellite. The chewed gum sticks to the satellite and begins repairing it. It eventually stops the crashing sequence and saves Earth! The chewing gum becomes a hero!

Continuing the story, the chewed gum attracts a person's attention. The person starts to eat it and realizes that it tastes like strawberry!

The chewing gum is happy and talented because of its journey, but sadly it's about to be eaten again. The chewed gum realizes it is still alive, so it sticks to the teeth of the person and begins chewing. The human spits out the gum and throws it on the ground. The chewed gum contemplates its next big journey...OutfitsThe player can choose from a variety of different outfits for the character to wear. Some of these outfits are more extravagant than others, and some are more casual.
Battle KraggsAs your hands are equipped with innovative... Battle Kraggs! They are made of a lightweight and durable metal alloy. They have universal mounts for attaching various kinds of weapons and tools. Two cute tiny little roaches are taped to the base, giving you the ability to climb walls and grab objects firmly.
WeaponYour hero is loaded with a very good arsenal of several types of weapons. Explore each of the weapons and find your own unique style of fighting and asserting your rights. After all, there is no goal, there is only a way!


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