Neon Kite (Quest) (APP LAB)

** Neon Kite contains flashing imagery that may be uncomfortable for some users. But I’m currently working on a no-flash mode.

** This game is still in development and the upcoming updates are included.
If you are looking for a full game experience, I suggest that you wait for the official Oculus Store release. Your support is greatly appreciated!

Neon Kite is a VR Arcade Kiteboarding Game inspired by the Synthwave genre.

Joysticks and buttons are not a thing in this game! Use your body to surf, steer, jump, spin, glide, and dive!
Score points and add time to the timer by passing through the checkpoints with the appropriate board’s color (red and blue, just like BeatSaber!).
The Sea is randomly generated, every try is unique!

Music made (and approved!) by ESCP
Synthetic, Above The Clouds, Through The Waves, Neonscapes, Sundown, Goodbye Ocean, and Stardrive
By | e s c p |
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Attribution 4.0 Internation


Alexis Taillon


Alexis Taillon