DrumBeats VR (PC)

DrumBeatsVR is a VR drumming music game. Players can drum to our songs that are custom made for this game. In DrumBeatsVR you can practice on different drum kits, including Metallica and The Rolling Stones and you can play in different environments (more to be added later). You can import custom songs into the game so you can play along with your favorite tracks (guide included).

Including 5 custom made songs in different styles by Jelmer Althuis from Sphere of Sound.Epic Scenes:Drum studio
The MoonDrum kits:Basic Rock Kit
Metallica (sound and setup)
The Rolling Stones (sound and setup)
Free play
Play on the drum kits and environments listed above however you like

Play along with our custom made songs

Play songs that you have created.
For details, see the custom song guide in the game's root folder.

Vive tracker support:
Connect your vive tracker so they can act as a bass-drum/hi-hat pedal.

LIV Supported:
Capture your best drum solo!



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Noviembre 16, 2021

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